NSA and NAPWU Pen Agreement

The Namibia Statistics Agency today the 12th of May signed a recognition agreement with the Namibia Public Workers Union. NAPWU.
The agreement which makes NAPWU the sole bargaining agent for the staff of the agency was welcomed with applause by the institutions employees as this is the first time that they are joining a union.

In his address to the employees at the signing ceremony, the NSA’s Statistician General Mr. Alex Shimuafeni highlighted the importance of the milestone that the institution has reached. “We live in an era where rights of individuals should be respected. Employees need to have a sense of job security and want to be sure that management will not make unfair and arbitrary decisions about their employment. In the same vainemployees like to work in a healthy and safe environment” he said.

The organisation sees this as opportunity to highlight the demands of its staff as even the though there are statutory provisions catering for this, NSA employees will still feel more secured knowing that trade union is directly involved in all matters concerning them.

On his part, the union’s representative Mr. Gabes Andumba, the Deputy Secretary General of NAPWU said the agreement comes at a time when the labor industry needs to be regulated. “NAPWU is totally committed to the improvement of the benefit and the condition of service for our members through collective bargaining” he said.