Launch of Fertility and Mortality Reports

Madam Penehupifo Pohamba, the First Lady of the Republic of Namibia, has launched the Fertility and Mortality Reports of the Namibia Statistics Agency. Both reports provide us with a better understanding of fertility and mortality situation in the Namibia and are useful estimating whether the population is able to reproduce itself or not. Both Reports are based on the last Census Report.

Statistics unveiled by the Namibia Statistics Agency yesterday which are based on census questions on deaths within households up to the time of the census, show that the youth have been succumbing to gruesome deaths.

The report provides fertility estimates, differentials in fertility levels, nuptiality, adolescent fertility and childlessness. Apart from illness, which is the biggest cause of death in Namibia, people in this age group, according to the statistics, die mostly from accidents, suicide and murder.

Of the 4 311 deaths in this group reported in the 2011 census, 421 were from accidents, 272 as a result of suicide and 158 were murder victims. In terms of all age groups, 22 668 deaths were recorded with illness accounting for 18 000, followed by accidents with 1 613, suicide at 673 and murder 472.