Governance and performance agreement

The Government of the Republic of Namibia showed its commitment to relevant, high quality and timely statistics by creating the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) in 2011. The Government further recognizes the strategic importance of statistics for evidence-based planning and decision-making; policy design; and monitoring and evaluation of policies and decision -making as required under section 5 of the Statistics Act.

The priorities of the NSA should be consistent with government’s objectives over the next five years as outlined in the fourth National Development Plan (NDP4). It should also take into consideration the scope of business of the NSA as outlined in the statistics Act, 2011 (Act no.9 of 2011), as well as the need for prudent and sound governance of the NSA in accordance with the prescriptions and guidelines of the State-owned Enterprises Governance Act, 2006 (Act No.2 of 2006).

More specifically, the priorities for the NSA during the next five years should focus on the following areas:

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