About NSDI

In NDP 3 launched on 26 November 2008, the former Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the predecessor to the National Statistics Agency (NSA), was tasked to take the lead in formalising the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) for Namibia. Taking the lead did not mean that CBS was taking the central position in the NSDI, but that it was tasked to facilitate the process.

The word infrastructure in SDI is used to promote the concept of a reliable supporting environment, much like a telecommunications network, that facilitates access to geospatial information or geographical information (GI). For many years stakeholders involved the NSDI in Namibia wished to see a policy in place that regulates access to geoinformation and sets a guideline for sharing and pricing. Some initiatives towards formalizing the NSDI in Namibia have taken place, most noteworthy that of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) in 2003. This resulted in a draft policy that was however not implemented.

The present NSDI Policy (2015) draws credit from the 2003 draft policy. In forming the Policy a research was conducted on recommendations that could be useful for Namibia in establishing the process to get to a successful NSDI. These recommendations are many but can be summarized as follows:
  • Develop a common view on the NSDI
  • Address the need for policies that promote access and sharing of information
  • Apply free access for public sector GI with limited number of exemptions
  • Promote transparency of user restrictions
  • Promote documentation of metadata
  • Promote free viewing of public sector GI
  • Promote free availability of GI within government
  • Create a one-stop shop to give information about available GI
  • Promote the development of private value-added services
  • Implement capacity building in its widest definition (including change management and conflict resolving)
  • Carry out institutional development
  • Aggregate services and content in the SDI
  • Promote Public-Private Partnerships

NSDI Governance Structure

The Statistician-General administers the NSDI through the committee of Spatial Data and report to the NSA board on a quarterly basis.